Online Learning as a Strategic Assett

A report of interest to anyone with responsibility for policy, strategy and implementation of eLearning at at an institutional level.

The APLU-Sloan National Commission on Online Learning conducted an extensive benchmarking study over a 15-month period in 2008–2009 designed to: (1) identify key factors that contribute to successful, strategic online learning initiatives; and (2) gain a better understanding of faculty attitudes toward online learning and how those attitudes might impact institutional efforts to initiate and grow online programs. The benchmarking study included interviews with more than 230 senior administrators, faculty, and students at 45 campuses across the country and a national web-based survey of faculty that generated almost 11,000 responses from faculty at 69 campuses. The benchmarking study is the largest study of this type regarding online learning yet conducted.

The powerpoint that can be downloaded from this site is worth a browse for a summary of the key findings.