DEANZ update…

On Monday 9 March the DEANZ executive got together for its annual planning day. It’s going to prove a significant year for DEANZ. Here’s why.

Firstly, we have come to realise something. We are not about open, flexible and distance learning; we’re actually about making ako accessible for all. As an Exec, we have decided to promote our philosophical objective over specific educational practices. DEANZ as an acronym used to stand for something I won’t repeat (we’re trying to break the habit)… now, DEANZ the brand means a commitment to accessibility. DEANZ: Making ako accessible for all. We’re excited by this, and we figure that you will be, too.

Second, we will soon embark on a major promotion. We know that making ako accessible to all is an objective shared across educators right across New Zealand, and that DEANZ has a role to play in connecting professionals who share that objective. The more members we have, the more valuable the connections. Expect more value from DEANZ membership in the months ahead.

Third, planning is now well underway for DEANZ 2016. The event will be held in Hamilton, with the University of Waikato as our host. There is a conference theme of, well, epic proportions awaiting you in what will truly be a landmark conference.

Fourth, we have a new member of the DEANZ executive. Dr Maggie Hartnett of Massey University, who co-edits the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, has joined the team. Maggie brings great deal of expertise to the executive as a practitioner and theorist in online education.

Our recent planning day has refreshed our activity toward serving you, our members, in support of your professional roles. I’m certain 2015 will be a year of increased membership, renewed activity, and honed focus toward our shared objective of making ako accessible for all.

With best regards and on behalf of your DEANZ Exec,

Dr Mark Nichols
President, DEANZ.

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