Tips for Synchronous eLearning


With a long weekend coming up in New Zealand here’s a bit of reading that may be of interest to some. The eLearning Guild have released the latest in their series of free e-books, this one titled 144 Tips on Synchronous e-Learning.

As is usual in previous ELG publications, the tips range in length from one-sentence ideas all the way up to multi-page discourses. You will find tips in these categories…

  • Blending Synchronous Learning with Other Learning Modalities
  • Designers of Synchronous Presentations, Courses, and Webinars
  • Managers Who Lead Synchronous Learning Efforts
  • Synchronous Speakers and Instructors
  • Technical Production, Planning, and Preparation

All of the tips have been submitted by practitioners, and there’s a lot of very useful stuff here – particularly for those who are entering the field, or for those who may be in a position of creating manuals or staff development activities to support those working in your school or institution. There’s quite a bit of advertising included from Adobe about their synchronous eLearning product – but even this is informative and usefully presented.

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