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An excerpt from Mark’s Opinion Piece in the flier . . .

I’ve been thinking. Why is it that we often shy away from the term ‘distance education’? Is it because it brings up connotations of correspondence-style learning, where pre-determined materials are sent to an anonymous learner, and assignments go to and from a faceless marker via post? Is it because we see ‘distance’ as a deficit term, something that speaks of a problem to overcome?

Or is it that the term ‘distance’ is used to encapsulate so much in education that it implies too broad a range of approaches to teaching and learning? Terminology is an important thing. It is what we use to name the intangible.

I still use the term ‘distance education’ when describing my practice, because it at once sums up what I am involved in. However it is important that I explain just what I mean when I use the term ‘distance education’. . . . .

From Mark Nichols. His blog:

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