eFest 2007 coming soon …..

25 – 27 June 2007,
We are planning a few changes this year and are trying to ensure that we are practising what we preach.  The format for the second day of eFest is being revised with a move from the more formal presentation style to a more interactive one.  The change has been inspired by the Global Summit 2006 technology connected futures Conference themesThe theme of eFest 2007 is ‘Making the change REAL‘, this theme has been broken down into four sub themes. 

  1. Adopting relevant and responsive learning environments
  2. Supporting our practitioners in their changing roles
  3. Supporting the delivery of flexible learning through implementing organisational change
  4. Harnessing innovative technology to meet the needs of our learners

Call for participation Submissions are warmly welcomed that fit within these conference themes.  The deadline for submissions is 12 March 2007.Please visit www.efest.org.nz for further details. Please forward this message on to anyone you feel may be interested.  You can subscribe to the eFest News Forum to be notified when registration opens and receive regular updates. Best regards / Nāku noa, nā, 

Rachael KelleherProject Manager

Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics of New Zealand

PO Box 10344
Tel: 04 9172799
Mob: 021 914139

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