Distance Learning Today

The US Distance Learning Association (USDLA) has started publishing a quarterly supplement to USA Today. The first issue is titled Distance Learning Today (PDF download) begins with the assertion that distance learning is approaching a “tipping point” in the US, and goes on to provide a basic introduction to distance learning, and useful overview of distance education in the US context.

The article begins with a section titled “challenging myths about distance learning” by Dr. Robert Mendenhall which will resonate with anyone who is involved in the field. There are several other features, covering matters to do with the role of teachers and technology, how to evaluate online offerings, and ways in which distance learning is transforming lives and learning.

The article is written  for a consumer, not academic audience, and therefore it lacks the references etc. that you might expect with an academic article, but it is a useful read all the same.

1 thought on “Distance Learning Today

  1. I thought that you and your audience might like to know that National Distance Learning Week is coming up this November 10. I just interviewed the National Director, Dr. Ken Hartman. You can hear the interview and learn more at http://www.RodsPulsePodcast.com.

    Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D.


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