New eLearning Project Management e-Book


A new e-Book available free that will be useful for anyone in a distance ed./e-Learning management or coordinating role in their institution. Brought to my attention by Terry Anderson on the CIDER website, Plan to Learn is published by The Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance (CeLEA)

I’ve only had a quick flick through the 192 downloadable PDF document, but have already cound a number of references to models and frameworks that I think I’ll be following up on.

Plan to Learn: Case Studies in eLearning Project Management, edited by Beverley Pasian and Gary Woodill, provides 22 case studies by authors in eight countries, drawn from both the corporate and educational sectors. The case studies in this 180 page volume deal with a variety of elearning project management issues, including:

– Development of elearning project management skills;
– Importance of leadership;
– Change management;
– Managing risk in an elearning project; and,
– Dealing with cultural conflicts.

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