eLearning Africa

2nd International Conference on ICT Development
Education and Training, KICC, Nairobu, Kenya
May 28-30 2007

News & Information on the eLearning Africa – eLA conference, an annual event for building eLearning capacities in Africa
    1.  Nairobi to Host eLearning Africa 2007
    2. Hon Dr. Noah M. Wekesa Has Accepted to be the Patron of eLearning Africa
    3. Call for Papers – Submit Your Proposals
    4. Bringing ICT to Schools – The NEPAD eSchools Initiative
    5. eLearning Africa an Eye Opener – Interview with Thomson Sinkala
    6. “ICT makes a difference” – Nicolas Balacheff on Africa-European Cooperation
    7. Tell Us Your Stories!
1. Nairobi to Host eLearning Africa 2007
From May 28 – 30, 2007, Nairobi, the capital of Kenya will be the hosting city of the 2nd eLearning Africa conference.The Kenyatta International Conference Center will serve as the venue for three days of workshops, presentations and discussions around e-learning and capacity building in African education.Located in the heart of Nairobi and within a walking distance of several hotels the KICC is a perfect venue for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and special events. It has been a home to many successful international conferences and seminars, including events organised by international bodies such as UNESCO, UNCTAD, IBR/IMF, UNEP and ICASA.eLearning Africa 2007 website
2. Hon Dr. Noah M. Wekesa Has Accepted to be the Patron of eLearning Africa
We are pleased to announce that eLearning Africa 2007 is under the patronage of the Kenyan Minister for Education, Science and Technology, the Hon. Dr. Noah M. Wekesa, MP.The title of the conference is Building Infrastructures and Capacities to Reach out to the Whole of Africa, reflecting the significant efforts of African countries to set up their national and regional ICT infrastructures to create access to education, training and services for all.
3. Call for Papers – Submit Your Proposals
The Call for Papers for the eLearning Africa 2007 conference programme is open. You can submit a proposal for a session, presentation, workshop or discussion.Please send your proposal (up to 500 words) until December 8, 2006. Please use the online form for submission at www.elearning-africa.com. Themes of eLearning Africa 2007 are:- Improving Quality and Outreach of Technical and Vocational Education in Africa (new)

  • Unleashing the Capabilities of Universities through Information and Communication Technologies
  • Empowering Women through ICT with ICT-based Capacity Building (new)
  • Setting up and Implementing a Sustainable eLearning Project (new)
  • Designing and Delivering Online Learning
  • Localisation, Customisation, and Content Development
  • Introducing eLearning to the School System
  • Building ICT Infrastructures to Provide Access and Connectivity in Africa
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Developments for Africa
  • eLearning in African Corporations (new)
  • Policy Issues and Large-scale Take-up of eLearning
  • eLearning for Governments and the Public Sector
  • Libraries as Access Providers to Digital Resources and Distributed Expertise (new)
  • Open Source, Open Content, and eLearning
  • eLearning in Development Cooperation
  • The new Africa – Europe Partnership Framework
  • Research in eLearning (new)
  • Quality Development and Quality Assurance (new)
  • eLearning in Medical Education and the Fight against HIV and AIDS

More information

4. Bringing ICT to Schools – The NEPAD eSchools Initiative
Low student ICT competencies, 75% of teachers having little or no ICT competencies, and limited pedagogical applications of ICT – these data benchmark the current reality in African schools. The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) in coordination with the Information for Development Program (infoDev) has gathered these facts to support the implementation of the NEPAD eSchools initiative, which aims to equip more than 550,000 African schools with ICTs and connect them to the Internet…[more…]
5. eLearning Africa an Eye Opener – Interview with Thomson Sinkala
eLearning Africa could be a boost to Africa’s on-going eLearning efforts, says Thomson Sinkala, Associate Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of Zambia, School of Mines. He strongly supports efforts to provide education for people with low income in the SADC region. eLearning Africa talked to Thomson Sinkala about his activities.[more…]
6. “ICT makes a difference” – Nicolas Balacheff on Africa-European Cooperation
At the first eLearning Africa conference, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from May 24 to 26, 2006, Dr. Nicolas Balacheff, Scientific Manager of Kaleidoscope, the European research network for technology-enhanced learning, chaired a session together with Leopold Reif from Hoffmann & Reif on the New Africa – Europe Partnership Framework initiated by the European Commission in 2006.eLA talked to Nicolas Balacheff about what was discussed at the conference and what Kaleidoscope’s commitment might be.[more…]
7. Tell Us Your Stories!
Tell us your stories! What are your personal experiences with ICT in education in your community, at work, school or university? Do you know of interesting projects or individuals who actively support ICT in education in your community?Tell us about the problems you face, which strategies have been successful, which have not, what you have learned  and what your wishes for the future are. eLearning Africa welcomes all your stories and will make some of them available to the eLearning Africa community as “Voices from Africa”.Write us at info@elearning-africa.com.
For more information, please contact:ICWE GmbH
Leibnizstrasse 32
D – 10625 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-327 6140
Fax: +49-30-324 9833
E-Mail: info@elearning-africa.com


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