‘Teaching English in a Mobile and Networked World’

John Eyles, Symposium Coordinator, warmly invites you to join this one day ‘online event’ being held by EON Foundation on Sunday, September 24th, 2006. It will be an opportunity to share, discuss and invent how best to use digital media to teach English in a mobile and networked world. It is an informal, experimental and practice based symposium for English language professionals and others.

The aim is to enhance teaching and learning.

It is free to join. Please invite your friends and colleagues!

Symposium Events include:

  • Live webcasts. Forum discussions with international presenters.
  • Developing the concept of a massively multiplayer media rich gaming environment that helps people learn English for international communication, yields practical rewards and at the same time helps solve real world problems.
  • Hands on workshops focused on sharing useful tools, classroom tips, learning activities and flexible learning lesson plans that are simple and effective.
  • Guest presenters from New Zealand, India, China, Thailand, America, Japan, UK and elsewhere. Topics include, use of audio software, image-based-learning, online learning games, social networking software, internationally linked task based projects, the OECD Core Competencies, community based learning and other ‘hot issues’.
  • Playtime – trying out new connectivity tools. Wikis, Blogs, Moodle, Podcasting, video and so on.
  • ‘Newbies’ forum: This forum is for questions and answers about the use of elearning and for anyone who would like to try online discussions for the first time.
  • Simultaneous link-up with Future of Learning in a Networked World conference visiting NZ.

Visit www.TheLivingClassroom.org

If you have questions, would like to give a presentation, promote a product, host a forum, write an article or be involved in some other way please contact John.

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