Online Information Literacy Project

e-CDF 423 Information Literacy e-Learning Modules project

OIL – online information literacy project can be found at:
There are now five modules available on the website for teachers to trial – either as stand alone or as flexible learning resources integrated into courses. You are advised to direct students to the website at present rather than trying to download the modules. The modules will be available for customisation and import into Blackboard in approximately two weeks in September once the online editing tool is launched officially.

If you use any of the modules with students or have time to review them please send feedback to Bronwyn Hegarty (chair Analysis and Evaluation Group) – we’d love to hear from you as the evaluation process is ongoing or 479 3600.

The five modules are:
1. Essay writing
2. Annotated Bibliography
3. Business report writing – still to be checked by team
4. Scientific report
5. NZ Information Sources

The essay writing module has been piloted as part of a research evaluation project and will be the first module to be available for customisation. Detailed information about the project including evaluations is available on the website.

A further six modules on IL will be developed over the second year of the project – intro to IL, searching, evaluating, digital IL, Maori and Pacific Island information, ethics. Watch this Space!

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