Call for Papers: Asia Pacific Journal of Education

The focus of Asia Pacific Journal of Education is on major shifts in educational policy and governance, curriculum and pedagogy, and in the everyday lives and practices of students and teachers in the Asia-Pacific Rim. New empirical and theoretical work, as well as critical and exploratory essays that focus on the impacts of modernity, postcolonialism and globalisation on education systems will be featured.

They would welcome manuscripts on:

  • cultural and linguistic continuity and change;
  • ethnicity, class, gender and diversity in education;
  • systems and infrastructure development;
  • cultures and discourses of educational organisations;
  • educational policy responses;
  • migrant and indigenous education;
  • historical and current educational relationships between Asian and Pacific countries and systems;
  • relationships with the educational ideas and systems of the ‘North’ and ‘West’;
  • the impacts of new communications media and technologies, new and hybrid cultural forms and practices, and globalised economies on education.

Asia Pacific Journal of Education is published bi-annually by Routledge – see

Information for contributors

Refereed Papers

Papers should be in the range of 6000 words (including an abstract of 100 – 200 words, references, and space taken for tables/figures – calculated on 500 words to a journal page) in length, typed in 12 pt font on A4 paper, paginated and double-spaced. A separate first page should include the full title, a short title for use as a running head, author name(s), institutional and email address(es), and indicate the author responsible for correspondence related to manuscript submission. The title should be on page 1 and not exceed 10 words (50 letters), and should be followed by an abstract of 100 – 200 words.

Papers should be submitted to the Editorial Administrator via and authors should follow the notes for contributors at


Reviews can vary from 1000 words for a single-title review to 6000 words for an essay review. Contributors should follow the guidelines for articles, and attempt to review books in terms of related and current literature and scholarly debate.

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